Women: Taking Over the World One Vagina At a Time

With the Supreme Court approving the Affordable Care Act yesterday, it got me thinking about how this truly affects women. Of course, much like with everything in life, there are pros and cons to the ACA and I’m interested to see how this will pan out over the next few years. The most important factor in this entire debacle is: WAHOO! FREE BIRTH CONTROL!

There has been an increasing amount rage on women regarding our vaginas and our reproductive system. As if the Republican party can determine who I sleep with, who I want to have a baby with, and even if I want to have a baby. With the ACA passing yesterday, this means that millions of women are now granted the humble opportunity to get themselves on birth control and take control over their reproductive issues.

I was reading thisart

icle from January and I made it all the way down to the comments with a smile on my face. Then the comments section came. Flabbergasted is not even the word to comprehend my emotion. Men saying that birth control does not prevent diseases, therefore it shouldn’t be free. Men saying that pregnancy is normal (and yes, to an extent is it) but also disregarding the fact that the more kids you pop out, the more likely you are to suffer complications.

To the men and women who agree that birth control should not be provided to all women: Piss off.

And that’s exactly what I mean.


4 thoughts on “Women: Taking Over the World One Vagina At a Time

  1. Yes, the ACA will definitely allow many women to “get themselves on birth control and take control over their reproductive issues,” except to the extent those women want an abortion. The ACA permits states to exclude abortion coverage in insurance plans offered in the exchanges (except in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest). So, as you say, the ACA has its pros and cons, but overall, the fact that the Supreme Court upheld it is hugely important for women’s health (coverage of birth control, maternity care, breastfeeding accommodations in the workplace, etc).


    • M.B. I gasped when I read your comment. How the literal fuck did I forget about abortion? That didn’t even enter my brain while I was writing this post. You are so severely right it hurts.

      I think I’d accept no free birth control if it meant that abortions were still easily accessible. I don’t mind dishing out some cash money for the pill, but yikes! No abortions? C’mon. That is a huge, fundamental issue for women.

      Thank you for pointing out my mistake! I’ll edit my post when I’m finally on a computer 🙂


  2. The failure to include abortion coverage was a huge oversight on the President’s and Congress’ part. Still, I am able to appreciate the other ways the ACA will help women. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that states will implement the Medicaid expansion provision, even though the Supreme Court essentially eviscerated it yesterday. Without Medicaid expansion (expanding Medicaid eligibility requirements), many poor people, who are disproportionately women, might not be able to afford coverage.


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